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This guide or section deals chiefly with the USA and mightn't pose a global perspective of the niche. Please improve the guide or discuss the issue on the discussion page. An average of off-the-shelf products (and some times frozen perishable goods such as legumes or focused juices), are provided to non profit services for supply to people looking for food at no cost or at very reduced prices (or in exchange for volunteer work). A food bank is similar to the wholesale arm of this food supply platform for people living in poverty. Other bureaus would be the retail arm and also function people directly. The word "food bank" just isn't shielded for legal reasons, nevertheless, and may be employed with these agencies directly serving individuals needing food.

Food banks regularly buy the foodstuff out of supermarkets or companies using unsaleable stock, and additionally from donations by the general public, particularly around holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Moreover, both the government and state authorities usually contract together with food banks to spread USDA feeding schedules. Additionally, food banks that are members of America's 2nd Harvest. The country's food bank system, have the ability to benefit from connections with major manufacturing companies. Rather than calling the more than 200 food banks all over the nation, a manufacturer with different semiloads of product to contribute may create only 1 phonecall.

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Alaska (128) Alabama (377) Arkansas (548) Arizona (299)
California (560) Colorado (215) Connecticut (403) District of Columbia (37)
Delaware (71) Florida (839) Georgia (350) Hawaii (100)
Iowa (182) Idaho (127) Illinois (490) Indiana (576)
Kansas (100) Kentucky (114) Louisiana (199) Massachusetts (448)
Maryland (132) Maine (290) Michigan (782) Minnesota (529)
Missouri (358) Mississippi (165) Montana (124) North Carolina (427)
North Dakota (130) Nebraska (83) New Hampshire (265) New Jersey (436)
New Mexico (379) Nevada (46) New York (1213) Ohio (577)
Oklahoma (356) Oregon (286) Pennsylvania (258) Rhode Island (130)
South Carolina (162) South Dakota (73) Tennessee (154) Texas (494)
Utah (134) Virginia (263) Vermont (151) Washington (219)
Wisconsin (245) West Virginia (131) Wyoming (35)